Re greening with bunds

Arnout has given his charity budget 2020 to justdiggit. With this support 151 bunds were dug. A bund is a moon-shaped pit that catches rainwater in dry areas. Through the bunds, water can get underground again and reaches the seeds and roots. This way vegetation can recover. Besides this, he has directly supported an African farmer who digs the bunds. 

Resilience of Penduka's women - Namibia

Also in Namibia, Corona has had a huge negative effect on tourism, leaving the women of Penduka with no income. With the commissioning of the water pump we financed, they were able to start a vegetable garden for much needed food. What resilience during this difficult time!

October 2021

Schisis surgery successful!

Last year Miriam donated part of her personal charity budget to Tess Unlimited. With this donation, 10-month-old Elvia was operated on her schisis in Guatamala and as you can see, the operation succeeded!
Guatamala is a third world country and Schisis surgery is not reimbursed in public hospitals there.

12 August 2021

Penduka's beautiful mouth masks 

Last year we gave financial support to Penduka in Namibia for the purchase of 1200 metres of cotton fabric and 400 metres of printed matter. Among other wonderful accessoires, they made beautiful mouth masks of it. By purchasing a Penduka product you do not just buy a beautiful and unique product, you also contribute towards a better life for women in Namibia. 

23 juni 2020


15000 nappies to give to away!

For the opening of our new office on November 1, 2019 we received 7500 nappies from our guests! We doubled this amount so we could give 15000 nappies to the Food Bank. One of the goals of the Food Bank is to contribute in various ways to the alleviation of (hidden) poverty.

November 2019

Luiers haljpg


Look at the safari tent we sponsored in 2017!

We got this pic from De Vakantiebank. We sponsored this safari tent in Gasselte, in which people who normally can't affoid it, get a chance to have a nice holiday. We love it, don't you?


Activities for clients of Kledingbank de Zeecontainer

De Zeecontainer asked us to facilitate a relaxing getaway for her clients, like we all need once in a while. We organized a bingo for 50 adults and we arranged activities for the children and the youth to FC Groningen, Jump XL and Binn'n pret.  

May, 2017


Cycling for Hartekind Foundation

In September 2016 RenĂ© cycled 145 kilometers to raise money for Hartekind Foundation. This foundation supports research for children's heart diseases.


Running the 4 Mile

Frank ran the 4Mile from Haren to Groningen in October 2016 to ask attention for women's shelter. They need support to sustainably furnish their new accommodation.


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