And now...

contributing to a better world really sounds huge. Well, that shouldn't be. We advise you to stop wondering about what you can do, but start doing. We believe all small steps together make a significant difference.

It all starts with awareness. Why am I doing the things I do in the way I do it? What can I do to make Social Impact?                                                                                                

For example, at Moving Spirits we:

  • print less;
  • shop at a grocery which offers work places to people with a disadvantage to the labour market;
  • buy environmental friendly products like soap and towels;
  • work together with Hanze University and Kamerlingh Onnes' International Business College to support students to develop their entrepreneurs' skills;
  • use energy efficient lighting;
  • created a comfortable office environment;
  • have the possibility to work as a volunteer;
  • support social and environmental projects for the long term and we tell about it;
  • are always looking for new ideas.    

We would love to talk with you about this and we truly want to hear your ideas!