We are against the Russian aggression in Ukraine

Moving Spirits and Springtime Group are against any kind of war and against the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Therefore, we support projects that help the Ukrainian refugees to find a safe place. We stand with the people of Ukraine and the global community in calling for an immediate end to this war and a swift return to peace.

As a company, we have done the following to support the Ukrainian people:  

·       a fundraiser with our team members, where we are collecting items for refugees that we will bring to the Polish border. 
 ·       a donation to the cooperating aid organizations for help to Ukraine

 ·       we discontinue deliveries to customers in Russia

 ·       we will sell out products of Russian origin and will not buy these products anymore

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this war, including the people of Ukraine and the surrounding countries and all those around the world with family, friends and loved ones in the region.

Fundraiser at our office

On March 7 and 8, we held a fundraiser at our office for Ukraine. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and thus helped fill up the truck. What a result we were able to achieve together! In the end we filled 40 pallets, exactly one full truck. We have worked hard to sort everything and prepare it for transport to the Polish border. Great to see how far you can come together to help people in need. 

Hereby some pictures for a short impression:

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This is what we realized in 2021:

Waterpumps in Cambodia

We are happy that we were able to install 10 water pumps in the area of Siem Reap, Cambodia again this year. Meanwhile, the counter has reached 50! Families who want to qualify for a water pump must meet the following two conditions:

1- There is no plastic floating around their house
2- They will grow vegetables with the help of the water pump at the pump or in their village. This will give them access to food even in the periods between rice harvests.

Our contact Bo Bo has the knowledge and ideas to help these families on their way. What a hero!

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March 19: 600 trees planted 

On a new plot we have planted 600 trees and shrubs with a part of our team. The beeches, pedunculate oaks and lime trees have a larger root ball so they will better survive any drought. The other 400 trees and shrubs are hazels, Norway spruce, elders, hawthorns and dirt trees.
We did this again under the inspiring leadership of the nature manager René Oosterhuis of Het Groninger Landschap. Several employees of Het Groninger Landschap also helped us. After three hours of hard digging everything was in place.
Because this plot is next to the one we planted in 2018, we could immediately see if the trees we planted earlier were taking root. And it looked good! Our grove lies at the edge of Nanninga's forest, one kilometer south of Coendersborg in Nuis.

In total we have now planted 3000 trees on 0.6 hectares and we will continue!
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Financial Support
As a team we have selected several local charities that we support annually such as the food bank, Youth Fund Sport and Culture and Clothing Bank the Sea Container where people with little income can pick up clothes for free.
And we structurally support Penduka in Namibia. This organization helps local, disadvantaged women to improve their social, economic position.
Personal charity budget
In addition to the common charities, every Moving Spirits and Springtime Group employee has a personal budget of EUR 500,- which they use to select one or more charities to donate to. As our team grows, we support more and more charities!

What we realized in 2020:

With the help of guide Bo Bo, we were once again able to install water pumps in the area of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The counter has now reached 40!

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Replacing trees in our to-be-developed Moving Spirits grove

This spring larger trees with root balls have been planted on the previously created piece of land because it appeared that some of the previously planted trees hadn't survived the prolonged drought.

A water pump in Namibia

We financed a water pump for the Penduka community in Namibia. Due to the Corona crisis, the tourism sector there has come to a complete standstill, so there is no income anymore. The biggest needs now are care and food for the women and their families. Therefore, a vegetable garden has been created where, with the help of water from the nearby dam, vegetables are grown. The pump that had to pump the water had recently failed. We are grateful that we were able to finance the replacement of this water pump.

With our personal charity budgets we supported the following charity organizations in 2020

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Doll's houses for UMCG hospital

The drawings on the left were made by our children and were used as paintings in the doll's houses Miriam donated  to the UMCG hospital, using her Personal Charity Budget.


entrepreneurship and education

In order to contribute to the further development of entrepreneurship among Gambian youth as well as its own students CSG Wessel Gansfort organizes an entrepreneurial trip to The Gambia every spring. This year the concrete goal was to implement the school shop of Armitage Senior Secundary School in Janjanbureh.

This school shop is mainly managed by students of the Commerce department. In addition, the school shop is a point of sale for the production unit that will be linked to Armitage's Skillcenter, which is currently being set up. Our financial contribution contributed to setting up this school shop.

What we realized in 2019:

A lovely Christmas time for everybody

We support the Christmas action in Groningen with a financial contribution. For this, Christmas hampers are bought and distributed to minimum households, including refugees and the homeless. René and Patrick are going to help for two days with the distribution of the parcels!

Empowering Namibian women

We supported Penduka in Namibia by buying 1200 metres of cotton fabric and 400 metres of printed matter. With this purchase the women of Penduka are able to make beautiful products. A product for you is an income for the women and you also contribute towards financing Penduka's educational- and health projects. Penduka provides work for about 515 women, 35 are on a permanent contract and 480 work as a so-called member. 

Supporting Syria

Tarek has spent his personal budget to support mentally handicapped people and he arranged Christmas hampers for 8 poor families, both in his native village in Syria. We are grateful we can do this to help.

Employees' personal budget 2019

Like every year all our employees have their own budget whereby they can choose which good cause to support. This year we supported: 

De Vakantiebank. They aim to offer people with an income around social security standards a carefree holiday week at a beautiful and recreational location in the Netherlands. To be away from the home situation and get some new energy.

We also contributed to Hoogvliegers Foundation who let sick or disabled children experience a special and unforgettable adventure by flying a plane by themselves. Besides these foundations, we gave a financial contribution to Stichting Bio, Alzheimer socks, Kanker zien, St Ouderenfonds, Shelter in the shade, a fridge on solar in Namibia, dollhouses for children in the Groningen hospital and we paid the expenses for a weekend at the sea with her loved ones for a seriously ill young lady.

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14000 nappies for the Food Bank

For the opening of our new office in November we received 7000 nappies from our guests. We doubled this amount so we could give 14000 nappies to the Food Bank!

Replacing trees

In April, we replaced multiple trees in our own small wood. Caused by persistent drought, multiple young trees we planted in 2018 didn't manage to survive. Two dads from our team decided to help us with this job! And of course also this time we worked with Groninger Landschap.

And what else...

Like other years, we donated to Jeugdfonds Sport en Cultuur. This fund pays the contribution / tuition fee for children and young people from families where there is not enough money for a sports club, music or dance class, painting, theatre school or any other creative course.

All year round we arrange fresh apples for the youth in Velocitas' football canteen. 

We paid  Kledingbank de Zeecontainer's coffee and a biscuit. This foundation collects clothing and makes it available free of charge to people with a minimum income from the city of Groningen.

And we supported pupils of Wessel Gansfort (Groningen) with starting a business club in Gambia to support business there.

This is what we realized in 2018:

We've built 8 wells in Cambodja, we supported a lot of foundations choosen by our empoyees, we donated to the Computerbank for the upgrade of 20 second hand computers and we bought a pay desk for museum Nienoord

And last but not least, we planted 1800 trees with our team, family and some business relations!

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 In 2016 and 2017 we supported the following foundations and organizations:

Going on holiday for everyone

The purpose of De Vakantiebank is to offer a holiday to people who normally can't afford it. They believe everybody needs to get out of their natural environment once in a while because it renews your energy. We love to contribute to these moments of happiness and are going to donate a complete safari tent with inventory.

A fresh apple a day...

We support the idea of a healthy sports club so we weekly arrange apples for the youth of Socces Club Velocitas 1897.

Activities for clients of Kledingbank de Zeecontainer

De Zeecontainer asked us to facilitate a relaxing getaway for her clients, like we all need once in a while. We organized a bingo for 50 adults and we arranged activities for the children and the youth to FC Groningen, Jump XL and Binn'n pret.  

Penduka Development Trust in Namibia has the aim to uplift and empower economically disadvantaged and disabled women. Through training they can enter entrepreneurship or become part of Penduka's production department and obtain an income of sales of unique handmade products. Penduka assist women with loans (micro credits) to build houses, get driving licenses, extra training, exchange visits. Penduka also employs women in the area of tourism and recycling. Penduka brings hope and  helps the women to get self-confidence!  Click here for more information.

Every child should play sports

We truly believe every child should be able to play sports. Sport helps children to develop themselves physically, mentally and socially. It also affects their environment in a positive way. Jeugdsportfonds Groningen enables families who can't afford it to let their children play sports. 

TSiBA is a private, not-for-profit business school in Cape Town that helps people who don't have access to financial opportunities. TSiBA provides excellent business education for people with a social conscience who have the desire and the skills to build a nation. We support Courage Chiranga by paying his tuition and the additional costs for his study this year.

16 Wells in Cambodia

With the help of Shanka Foundation and Bo Bo we paid for the construction of 16 wells in the neighborhood of Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

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Personal budget team Moving Spirits

Every year each member of our team has a personal budget to support charities. In 2016 we supported the following foundations:

Voedselbank Groningen, Hartekind Foundation, Nierstichting, Alzheimer Nederland, Tess Unlimited, Blink now, hockey association GHBS, basketball association Exercitia, Warchild and Linda Foundation.

In 2017 we supported Hartekind Foundation, Linda Foundation and KWF again, Zorgmanege Westerbork, Stichting Babyspullen, Penduka, Groningen Verwelkomt, Hwange Schools, Beatrix Kinderziekenhuis, Jeugd Sportfonds Drenthe, Make-a-wish, Nationaal Ouderenfonds and a crowdfunding action for Samantha.

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Supporting facilities of women's shelter Groningen

Women's shelter Groningen, place of temporary protection and support for women and children escaping domestic violence, is going to move in 2017. They need money to sustainably refurnish their new accommodation. We paid for the facilities of one room.

School bus Van Lieflandt Groningen

We financially contribute to Van Lieflandt's school bus. With this bus, teens with learning difficulties travel between school and their workplaces.

Groninger Landschap

With our business we cause CO2 emissions. Unfortunately we can't avoid that. Because we feel it is important to take responsibility, we plan our transport as efficiently as possible. And for every order we handle, we plant a tree with Groninger Landschap. Besides, this organization facilitates our wish to compensate our travelled kilometers.

Working without borders

Working is the best way to integrate and become truly part of a society. It builds self-confidence and makes you less dependent on others. And there is an economic benefit too. People who work create their own income, pay taxes and contribute to society. We support Working without borders to help them connect refugees to employers with interesting jobs.